No pain, no gain

Wednesday evening was interesting on various levels. Simon Rosner’s (the German Champion) sister was here to train, along with the current U/15 German champion. These girls can really hit the ball. I sometimes wish our juinors were here to see the standard to which they are capable of playing.

I played my routine matches where i was encouraged to apply what i had learnt and not to spend more time on court than necessary. It seems thaty each day  a stronger player is added to my list of opponents.

Wael was not completely himself during the evening training, as he was awaiting the results of the tournament Simon Rosner was playing in. Last month Simon was ranked 58 in the world. After lots of work with Wael and tournaments played, the month on November shows him to be World No 55. Last night in the early rounds of the Santiago Open in Spain, he beat Davide Bianchetti (World No 29) 3-2 after being 2-0 down. Wael had every reason to be a little anxious because Simon has played against him twice in the last few months and lost 3-0 on both occasions, lasting approximately 40 minutes. Therefore, last night marked a breakthough for both player and coach! Simon has been receiving intensive coaching from Wael for the last 4 months, and now the improvements are being seen by all.


This makes me even more excited about my training here in Germany. We have all heard the saying, “No pain, no gain.” So i will embrace the temporary pain, remind Wael not to be anxious about anything (Phillipians 4:6), and God willing, the sky is the limit.


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