Day 5

Today, i woke up a little tired. After last night’s celebration for Simon’s victory (nothing too extravagent really – a big supper, a few attempts to put Wael and Vesna’s kids to bed, lots of conversation about squash and a movie), I’m startiing to realise just how old i’m getting. I can’t handle too much excitement anymore! 🙂


I soon remembered that today is track running day, and felt even more sick. With lots of encouragement, i finished my morning session strongly – one hour and half later!!

Recovery is still needed, but it has got to happen soon, because i’ll need to be on court in one hour.

There is talk of possibly inviting the National German Women’s Champion to play against me later next week. Also, Amsterdam is the training ground for many of the Top 30 women squash players in the world. It is a 3 hour drive away from Paderborn, and Vesna would love me to visit there with them while i am here. She seriously loves shopping, and I wouldn’t mind joining her (what girl could resist)!

That could potentially be exciting – to train and have match pratice before the World Champs with the world’s best players. Bring it on!!!


4 Responses to “Day 5”

  1. Hi Siyoli

    Good to hear your news – I think Shirley and I have been to Paderborn.

    Keep focused on the training and enjoy it while you’re so young!

    Can’t wait to see you with Dave at Christmas – the Caterham is prepared for you!

    Lots of love and prayers


  2. Becky Cooper Says:

    Hey Chick sounds u r doing great! i will keep checking this blog as i love to hear u doing so well! keep going girly and dont forget your smile! love u lots and im praying for you chick! xx

  3. Hi Siyoli

    We have been following and reading your bloggs this whole week now. I am glad that you are “enjoying” your training programme in Germany. We are praying for you and have faith that you will be well prepared for the tournament in Egypt. We are very proud of you and look forward to have you back in SA again.

    Our thanks and grattitude to your hosts and coach – we appreciate what they are doing for you.

    Happy training!

    John, Jacqui, JP, Julia, Joffvre & Jacques

  4. Mark Abrahams Says:

    Hi Syoli

    Thanks for the regular update. I must state that I did not initially log on as I am not a blogger at all. Jason reminded me and in one sitting I followed your exciting journey and very, very entertaining reporting. The Summer League is going well, just loads of fun really, at least we are getting new members to join AND we are looking forward to end of year party this Saturday. Wish you were there. Keep up the good work and good luck.



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