Day 4

Ok, i’m alive.

Tuesday morning saw me lose a few kilos in the lower region of my body – consecutive sprints around the track. Wael keeps telling me this will be good for me in the long run. The way i feel right now, i’m not so sure! BUT, I will persevere, trust my coach and continue to believe that God made my body the way it is for a reason!!

Unexpected breakthrough today while playing the junior boys tonight. With my body already tired, i was asked to play a match against the top guy, who thrashed me on day 1. I lost the first game – the pace was high. After slowing it down a bit, and attacking at every opening, i lead 2-1. At this point, i should have stopped. My training was officially done for the day, but i didn’t want to leave it there…else the boy will never play me again :):) Well, he quickly got back into his game, and the match finished at 3-2. The coach was happy with my performance ( i’ll smile to that), said a few things to him in german (still got to learn this language), then smiled and said, “This is good. You improve quickly. It’s going to make my job so much easier.”

With  that i lay on the floor for a while, attempting to stretch. Then i hit the showers only to be welcomed by a sea of high school german faces. They had all been receiving their very first squash lesson and i had been introduced to them as a squash star (fancy that). Somehow, amidst all the hand gestures, I was taught how to say, ” I would like a glass of water please,” and “Nice to meet you,” and one for all the squash players all over the world, ” My bum is sore!”

They did laugh a lot at that one, and i did find real joy in expressing that thought!!

So, today, the gym again!! I managed to complete the circuit a little faster than before, but they did seem to hurt a little bit more. It’s all good for me! Yes, it’s all good for me.

I had another guy, Jairo, joining me today, so we were put on court together after gym …. and then a little movement work for me to end off the session!!


Wow…never thought my body was capable of handling this, but every day will hopefully get better. There’s lots to do before the world champs, and i feel Wael is good at gradually introducing me to new things.

This day is not over yet…more squash later. But first, a girl must eat. Bon appetit! (I know that’s french – still working on the German!)


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