Day 2

Yesterday morning started off with a visit to the gym – lower body strengthening and some upper body work. It’s amazing how one can go to the gym for years, and then in one session, you can feel like a baby all over again. Many of my techniques were incorrect. It’s a miracle that I have not be subjected to lots of injuries.

Wael is great at being direct, yet in a tactful manner. Today he taught me some shots with a little Egyptian spice (wouldn’t you all love to know specifics)!! Sorry people – i can’t let out his secrets on a public setting :):)

Once again, I had to try out my new shots on the juniors. I ended up playing 3 of them in a row. One of the other things that I have to get used to is the american scoring to 11. At the world champs, we’re playing points per rally to 11. That has a big impact in how you approach the game. So, last night, i ended up playing 10 games – and i was happily shattered.

A fantastic meal was prepared by Wael’s wife, Vesna. I am encouraged to eat loads. Yes, I know, i’m gonna need every ounce of energy I can extraxt from this food. I’m loving that concept though: being able to eat as much as i can. They haven’t mentioned anything about chocolate cake indulgence though…


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