I guess you’re wondering about the training…

On saturday, Wael had to do some tests on me to see just how fit I am, and more importantly, how much work he has got to put in to present me onto the world squash stage.

After lifting some weights and doing some running excercises in the morning, he declared me . . . (drum roll please) . . . nice and supple, but a little unfit for international standards. Once hearing those words, i knew they translated to “a lot more running needed”!!

Later that day, he presented me with a couple of his top junior boys so that i could play matches with them, and he could test just how clever i was on court. Good news folks!! He likes my style of play, doesn’t see too much technical work to be taught, tactical game plans can be worked on, and my concentration levels could do with bucket loads of help! :):) Don’t we all know that!

All in all – my weaknesses are positively weak, and can be turned into strengths  . . . and once they do, WATCH OUT NICOL DAVID (current ladies world champion for those of u who aren’t googling squash websites, which you should start doing now that u might know someone there)!!!






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